High Performance PHP Progressive Framework.

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QueryPHP is a modern, high performance PHP progressive framework, to provide a stable and reliable high-quality enterprise level framework as its historical mission. USE LEEVEL DO BETTER
composer create-project hunzhiwange/queryphp myapp
php leevel server <Visite>
HTTP Server
php leevel http:server # php leevel http:server -d
php leevel http:reload
php leevel http:stop
php leevel http:status
WebSocket Server
php leevel websocket:server # php leevel websocket:server -d
php leevel websocket:reload
php leevel websocket:stop
php leevel websocket:status
Go RoadRunner Server
/data/server/roadrunner-1.3.5-darwin-amd64/rr serve -d -v # -d = debug
/data/server/roadrunner-1.3.5-darwin-amd64/rr http:reset
/data/server/roadrunner-1.3.5-darwin-amd64/rr http:workers -i

Query the endless software world

is complex enough

But yet

This is not what we want

We just want to write code

simply and happily


High quality code and high coverage unit testing



QueryPHP requires PHP >= 8.0.0.